Inclusion in a Twitter Anthology

I’m delighted to have had a short story (a “very short” story) accepted for a new anthology of flash fiction. It was part of a competition on Twitter under the hashtag #vss365.

Thousands of entries were submitted and I was lucky to have one of my stories selected. It works like this: each day, writers include a prompt word in a story. All styles and genres are acceptable. My winning short story was for the word “epoch”.

If you follow me on Twitter (@blairdenholm), you’ll be familiar with my comic characters, two NYPD cops, moronic Officer Boyd and his long-suffering boss, the Sarge. All of their vss365 stories are in the form of dialogues.

If you’re not familiar with my work on Twitter, follow me and check them out. You might get a laugh out of their antics.

Here’s my chosen story:

– I’m tailing a Rolls Royce driving erratically around Manhattan. Licence plate #vss365a
Hang on, lemme check. Wow! It belongs to adhesives billionaire, #Epoch C. Resin
– Don’t worry. I’ll stick to him like glue, Sarge
– Good one, Boyd
– Huh?
– Never mind