“Sold Dirt Cheap” launching 23 June 2023

It’s taken since 2015 to put this baby to bed, but “Sold Dirt Cheap”, the third and final instalment in the Game Changer series featuring the hapless Gary Braswell, is finally set to launch on Amazon on 23 June 2023. The first book, “SOLD”, was published in 2017, the second, “Sold to the Devil” – in 2020, and now this one in 2023. Three years between books. Not good enough, Denholm! I expect to see a vast improvement in productivity from now on.

With that pesky trilogy out of the way, I’ll now be able to concentrate fully on my other two major series. These novels can be read as standalones, although familiarity with the characters and previous stories certainly adds to the reading experience. To my delight, Jack Lisbon has proven to be a huge hit, especially with Australian readers. Expect to see plenty more of him and his team at Yorkville CID, Far North Queensland. I’m pleased to say the first full-length book in the Fighting Detective series, “Kill Shot” is, as we speak, a bestseller on Amazon Australia!

Here’s the cover for “Sold Dirt Cheap”. As I write this post, the e-book is up for pre-order, and the paperback version is already available to purchase if you prefer the feel of a real book in your hands.

Reviews are starting to come in from my Advance Review Reader team, and so far, three out of three for 5-star reviews!

  • “The trial was magnificent! That last chapter shattered me to my core!”
  • “The final book in this series delivers a totally unforeseen twist.”
  • “A chilling read.”

Currently, I’m battling away with book #7 in the Fighting Detective series, entitled “Moving Target”, while simultaneously writing the first draft of the second Viktor Voloshin novel, called “The Defector”. For both of these books I’m trialing a new writing system called Pomodoro (which means tomato in a number of languages). It involves writing solid for 25 minutes, having a 5-minute break, before getting stuck in all over again. So far I’ve done a couple of sessions using this technique and it appears promising. The trick, as always with these things, is sticking to it!