Shot Clock by Blair Denholm

Detective Jack Lisbon takes no prisoners in his bare-knuckled search for justice

A popular sports coach lies shattered on the road. The calculated hit-and-run murder sends shock waves through the city

The struggling Scorpions basketball franchise is knocking on the door of its first ever NBL championship title. The community of Yorkville is united behind the home team, spirits are high.

But with the playoffs in sight, their coach Dale Collins is mowed down in broad daylight. The killers leave no trace – no DNA, no prints, no clues, nothing. 

Ex-boxer DS Jack Lisbon and his partner DC Claudia Taylor must unravel dark secrets and long-standing grudges to peel back the layers of this baffling mystery. If those obstacles aren’t enough, Jack has to battle his own personal demons that threaten to cripple him at every turn.

With enough suspects to fill a stadium and all of them harboring a motive, Detectives Lisbon and Taylor pull no punches to find the killers.

Justice served with a side order of vengeance

The perfect pulsating novel for fans of Jo Nesbo and Ian Rankin.