BLAIR DENHOLM is a crime fiction writer who has worked in New York, Moscow, Munich, Abu Dhabi and Australia. He voted in a foreign election despite having no eligibility to do so, was almost lost at sea on a Russian fishing boat, and was detained by military forces in the Middle East.

Denholm’s debut crime novel, SOLD, is the first in a thrilling noir series featuring the detestable yet lovable one-man wrecking ball Gary Braswell. The next book in the series, Sold to the Devil, is getting rave reviews from readers all around the world.

His current project, a new series called The Fighting Detective, features hard-boiled London cop, DI Jack Lisbon, who gets into a world of trouble without even trying. He  often relies on the skills he learned in the boxing ring to get things sorted, but he’s got a good heart and only wants to see the bad guys punished for their crimes. 

The prequel novella, Fighting Dirty, is available FREE on Amazon, and has ranked at #1 for the following categories: Heist Crime, Vigilante Justice, and Hard-Boiled Mysteries. Join the thousands who have downloaded the story to see why Jack Lisbon is a crime fiction hero to keep an eye on!



A blood-soaked body in a basement
A high-ranking police officer with dark secrets
A town full of suspects

And Jack Lisbon, a detective who stops at nothing to uncover the truth.

When a prominent pool hall owner is found brutally slain in his own home, Yorkville’s Criminal Investigation Branch swoops into action.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police is piling the pressure on Detective Lisbon and his team. With suspicions the crime has links to terrorism and a meeting of world leaders about to kick off, solving the case is now an urgent priority.

But is the killer really linked to a terrorist organization? Or does the homicide have nothing to do with national security at all?

With the line of suspects stretching out the door, Jack and his partner Detective Claudia Taylor must pull out all stops to unravel this baffling crime.

Can Jack Lisbon solve the case in time to avert a disaster? Or will the Trick Shot mystery snooker him completely?

Shot Clock

Detective Jack Lisbon takes no prisoners in his bare-knuckled search for justice

A popular sports coach lies shattered on the road. The calculated hit-and-run murder sends shock waves through the city.

The struggling Scorpions basketball franchise is knocking on the door of its first ever NBL championship title. The community of Yorkville is united behind the home team, spirits are high. But with the playoffs in sight, their coach Dale Collins is mowed down in broad daylight. The killers leave no trace – no DNA, no prints, no clues, nothing.


When only one brand of justice will do…

A body found in the mangroves, mutilated beyond recognition.
What at first appears to be a crocodile attack is soon established as a shocking murder. Can ex-boxer Detective Sergeant Jack Lisbon solve the mystery before the sleepy town of Yorkville goes into total meltdown?

When a popular MMA fighter disappears, police now face a possible double homicide. The list of suspects grows longer, but no one in the closed fighting community is talking. Join DS Lisbon and his partner Detective Claudia Taylor on a heart-thumping ride through the steamy tropics of Northern Australia as they hunt for a killer out of control.


It took only one bad choice to turn his world upside down. DI Jack Lisbon now faces his toughest dilemma – seek justice or exact vengeance.

When a young boxer gets beaten half to death for throwing a fight, Jack takes a bribe to look the other way. Soon, that questionable decision comes back to haunt him and his career hangs in the balance. Jack has to make things right, the only way he knows how.

Make the bad guys pay! The twist at the end will blow your mind!


Hunted by the Feds and the Russian mafia, the only person the country’s most wanted man can trust is the Devil

Backyard plastic surgery, a new identity and hope are his ticket to freedom. Will the other end of the world be far enough to save him from his past?

Murder, sex, drugs, dodgy cops and violent criminals are the ingredients for Denholm’s highly anticipated and thrilling sequel to SOLD.

Sold to the Devil noir fiction


Pay up or die!

Used-car salesman Gary Braswell owes thousands to a violent loan shark. Desperate to save his skin, he joins forces with a ruthless Russian crime syndicate that doesn’t take too kindly to being double-crossed. As his life spirals further out of control, Gary’s inflated ego can only land him in more trouble.