Moving Target by Blair Denholm

Murder on the Golf Course

Nothing spoils a relaxing vacation like witnessing a murder.

While visiting the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, namesake Detective Jack Lisbon and his young daughter find themselves caught up in a horrifying assassination. The victim, a university student and part-time journalist, is gunned down in broad daylight on the packed No. 15 tram.

Jack soon finds his role in the case shifting from eyewitness to special investigator. The suspects start lining up: a jealous rival; a jilted lover; a ruthless entrepreneur.

The stakes skyrocket when Jack himself is brutally assaulted. Is this a random attack or a message from the killer to back off?

As he juggles a family reunion with long-lost relatives, the safety of his daughter, and involvement in one of Portugal’s most baffling homicide investigations, Jack faces what could be his most daunting case yet. One thing is certain – even on foreign soil this detective won’t change his hard-boiled policing style for anyone.