Heading to Genrecon in Brisbane in November

Genrecon 2017

A while back my publisher and editing team suggested I attend Genrecon, a writers’ conference/festival organised by the Australian Writer’s Marketplace. This year the event will be held in November 2017 in my old home town of Brisbane. So popular is Genrecon, tickets were snapped up in no time. I put myself on a waiting list and promptly forgot about it. But the gods smiled down upon me. A vacancy opened up!

Other authors with whom I’m virtual and real friends have endorsed Genrecon as a wonderful chance to advance one’s writing career. And also to learn and have some fun. Hopefully lots of talks, nibblies and drinkies, plus a huge dose of advice from the experts. My novel SOLD should be out by then, and Genrecon will be an awesome opportunity to get the word out about it. I’ll be rubbing shoulders with some of the best-known genre authors in Australia, as well as other movers and shakers in the Australian publishing industry. As a new author – but, sadly, not a young one – it will be an eye-opening experience. One I am really looking forward to.

If SOLD is published by then, the plan is to have a book launch and perhaps some other “author events” in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, where the novel is set.

I’m writing this at the end of a chilly Tasmanian winter, so the idea of spending time in the QLD sunshine is positively inspirational.

See you in November, Brisbane!