New Directions for 2019

The coming year of 2019 has the potential to be a cracker for me as a writer.

The sequel to SOLD, called Sold to the Devil, is well underway and should be released early 2019. Australia’s number one antihero, Gary Braswell, sporting a new look and new name, lobs into Tasmanian to wreak untold havoc. A crazy cast of new characters are set to make Gary’s life a merry hell. Set in a cold snap of epic Antarctic proportions, Gary matches wits with a steroid-fueled body builder, a dread-lock hippie chick with the voice of an angel and a dimwitted work-mate who could be the unlikeliest of saviours. On the margins hovers a love-deprived copper who makes the acquaintance of the very same people hellbent on sinking Gary once and for all.

The other potential big project is working as a  columnist for a fledgling Gold Coast newspaper. The specific details are yet to be worked out, but if the publication establishes itself, this will be a fantastic opportunity to reach out to a wide, regular audience.

Finally, a short story I wrote back in February was selected for a soon-to-be-published anthology. I’ll drop the details when the release date is confirmed.